Who We Are

Slidesoft Technologies, LLC is a service-disabled veteran-owned small business focused on addressing the needs of safety-sensitive decision-makers whether they are military personnel or civilians charged with the safety of others. The Slidesoft platform is patented technology to optimize critically sensitive tactical site surveys/assessments and risk mitigation strategies. The technology can be housed on any mobile device to provide instant feedback, scoring, and rapid report generation for all levels of user and decision-maker. The premise for the information gathered is based on CAPPS – Collect, Analyze, Prioritize, Present and Share to expedite the delivery of safety-sensitive information in a manner that is consistent, accurate, and meaningful to the end-user.

What We Do

Streamline the reporting processes by leveraging data from various sources, potentially including all major C2 systems throughout the military and three-letter agencies. Examples include Atak, MCH 1, Grant Manager, and many others.