How To Take a Screenshot

Step 1: Snipping Tool

The first step is to acquire the screenshot. There are several ways to accomplish this but the Windows Snipping Tool is one of the easiest.

1. Click on your Start Menu and type “snipping”.
2. Click on the Snipping Tool to start the application.
3. Click on “New” and select “Full-screen Snip”.

Step 2: Save or Email

Now that we have the screenshot we need to either save it to your computer for later use or send it via email.

a. Click on the save icon to save the screenshot to your computer. You will need to give the file a name and save it to a location where you can easily find it later (Desktop, for example).
b. Click on the email icon to email the screenshot right away. You will need to provide a recipient (, for example) and a subject (Screenshot, for example).